Smartbag Thermo - Reusable Insulated Shopping Bag

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Personalizable with Custom Embroidery


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• Smartbag Thermo is now available for $10 and will include 2 Smartbag Basics as a bonus.

• Valentine's Smartkit is now available for $10.


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The Smartbag Thermo - insulated grocery bag with zippered closure. By far the most popular and eye-catching Smartbag.

The most stylish shoping bag you will ever take with you. Why walk through the store with a wad of random shopping bags when you can carry the Bolisalista Smartbag Thermo with all your other Smartbags tucked neatly inside?

This is the smart way to keep your refigerated and frozen items fresh on the way home from the store while looking good. The Smartbag Thermo reusable grocery bag does double-duty as a smart carrier for all your Smartbags. No more mess of random grocery bags in your shopping cart or car trunk.

The Smartbag Thermo features multi-layerd premium insulating polyester fiber and poly coated thermal film construction. Dual reinforced 20" handles and solid, washable bottom insert. Hand Washable.

Size: 13 inches x 10 inches x 15 inches
Color: Black
238 combined GSM Premium non-woven polypropylene

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